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This is total nonsense. In the age of information ignorance is a choice, advertising should not be regulated because of the “potential” effect it has. If you feel the need to run to the government and attempt to create law because you don’t like how advertisements look you are not only wasting such institutions time but incredibly disappointing in your attempt to fix the problem. Why just stop with Photoshop though? Why not regulate make-up and for that matter any form of alteration to any photo, how about outlawing Instagram filters? They are altering my perception of the photo and I can’t tell if it was taken before color or not. I am fully for some type of labeling that signifies the image has been edited and for permission from the individual being edited. Forcing diversity or making the post-production process a legal issue is not the correct way to tackle this problem, doing the “right” thing because Uncle Sam says so is not the “right” reason it does nothing to address the problem but make it into an argument. Education and information is the solution to the problem if the edits and lack of diversity are no longer view with any form of credibility or reality then they will die out, unfortunately at this time the media has created such a vicious cycle that people feel the need to take an extreme and attempt to make it a law that does not actually fix the problem. Treat the source not the symptom or else the patient is going to die of body dysmorphia.



Giovanni Anselmo, Il panorama fin verso oltremare, 1996.



Gentlemen: A Guide for 6 ways to tie a Scarf


Got bored and did some ink doodles on my arm. The ink wears off a little every day so I just keep drawing over it, potential timelapse/stop motion/tattoo?


Let’s kern that “U” and “I” a little closer together. ;)

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Santiago Sierra

'160 cm Line Tattooed on 4 People'

El Gallo, Arte Contemporáneo (Salamanca, Spain), 2000.

Saw this on my dash and just glanced over it, then as I was reading “The $12 Million Stuffed Shark” It mentioned a piece that involved tattooing a line across prostitutes backs, so I had to scroll back to find this. Coincidence or art? I think not.

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